Month: May 2017

  • Removing temporary ink stains

    All about getting those ink stains out of your shirt!

    All ink stains are not created equal. Removing ink stains properly requires a little knowledge, the right products, and a little elbow grease. A house cleaning service favorite! Removing ink stains is a common job that many in the home cleaning industry find themselves performing on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if the stain was not treated quickly, it can be quite difficult for the professional cleaner to clean the ink after it has dried. Depending on the type of ink that caused the stain and the material that the stain is on, you will have to make sure that you have a variety of cleaning agents in your cleaning supply arsenal.

    Permanent Ink Stains

    One of the most difficult ink stains that you will face are ink stains that have been made with permanent ink. In most cases, the stain will be present on a material that can not be bleached, because it will damage the fabric. If the material is easily bleached, this will be the easiest option for you to check out the digs, however you should first make sure that the client and their family members do not suffer from sensitivities to bleach smells which may make them ill. Also, too much bleach will damage most fabrics, weaken the fibers and effectively rot the material. Be careful! If the material cannot be bleached, having plain rubbing alcohol in your cleaning supply will greatly help. Rubbing alcohol is an extremely inexpensive cleaning agent that can be used to clean a variety of things. You should first do a spot check on the fabric or material for hooks to ensure that the alcohol will not damage the item. If there is no discoloration, use the rubbing alcohol to clean the material. If rubbing alcohol does not work, you can also try nail polish remover or acetone to remove the stain, always remembering to do a spot check, and remembering that these agents have strong odors which may be unpleasant to the customer.

    Water Based Ink Stains

    Removing ink stains from water based inks is much easier than removing permanent ink stains. Generally, using a mild detergent, such as a laundry detergent, will easily remove the stain. You will first want to wet the area with warm water, and blot with a  paper cloth before applying the detergent.

    Let the detergent sit on the ink stain for a few minutes, approximately 5-10, and then remove with warm water, making your best effort not to grind the ink into the material. If the ink was not completely removed, do not allow the material to dry. Repeat the above steps until the stain is removed.

    If the stain is excessive, or has been in place for quite some time, it may be difficult for you to remove. This is quite understandable, however you will have to deal with explaining to the client that you are not able to remove the stain. But by having the right materials on hand, and performing the steps properly, you should be able to remove the ink with no problems, and have a very happy customer.

  • Turn it all around

    Turntable Movement can be described as a simple but committed effort to change the perception of DJ’s in today’s underground Electronic Music Scene.  The force behind this name is DJ Jorge Urdaneta(AKA Djmysttik) from his humble beginnings in Electronic music to his current involvement in one of today’s most relevant record pools he works with Masspool record pool as the Midwest Director of Operations in Chicago, His home town.  Born and raised in South America he calls Chicago home!  Once he arrived in Chicago back in 1987 he has always called this great city his home.  Rooted deep in the music and culture this city has provided throughout the years he can claim his love for House music as his deepest connection to this city.

      Relocating to the Southwest in 1997 He found out the Electronic pulse of house music was instilled deep in the desert as well.  Shortly after his Arrival in New Mexico he became part of Unified Culture a collective headed by his founder Dirty Dave, over the next few years UC and TTR would put on some of the most memorable gatherings in the region showcasing local DJ talent as well as crew members and collaborators as far away as Albuquerque NM and El Paso Texas.  His DJ Career began as an opening DJ for many world renowned DJ’s such as Johnny Fiasco, Jon Lemon, and Jason Hodges and DJ Gryphon.  He has also opened up for Mateo and Matos and Mark Farina and Andre Harris to name a few.

      Relocating Back to Chicago in 2005 he Began down a new path and career as a self-Promoter of House music on the World Wide Web.  Working with Internet based sites and collectives he partnered up with Ollie Brooke from Australia, owner of Pure House Music dot net.  He began his endeavor of DJing to a whole new audience via web based platforms to bring his Unique Chicago Southwest Fused House sound to audiences Worldwide.  With Ollie’s help and support he ventured out on his own and began working on promoting anything that moves souls around the world with his unique ability to pin point on house music that was highly creative and sonically sound he began forming relationships with DJ’s and Producers of the house sound he was after.

    The path he took eventually put him in contact with Aaron-Carl a Producer and Chart toping DJ from Detroit.  He quickly gained Aarons trust and support and would eventually join Forces to help Aaron with his w.a.r.m.t.h. project, an acronym that stands for we are revolutionizing the movement of Techno and House.  Aaron and TTR developed and also helped create  the current idea and name he utilizes to DJ under and the site he spearheads as founder and leader of Turntable Movement.  Tightly knit with the family Jorge would find himself at the beginning of a new road with the sudden passing of his friend and partner Aaron-Carl due to complications from Cancer.  In 2011 warmth family asked TTR to join in as a full time member representing warmth as a Chicago based member.  Currently you can find TTR making original tracks and new mixes coming SOON, to a speaker near your EARS!

  • This site has taken me forever

    It feels like forever and a day, but it's finally up and running and moving in the right direction. Funny, that it's 'right direction' and not 'left direction'. To me that's always been an odd thing that I never understood, anyway, I got way off track there. This site is going to be amazing and you will found out all about what old north UMC is for and what we do here.